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..the impact of NRENs in the world of genomics!

Did you read how NRENs all over the world contributed to research on DNA, cancer treatments and more? No? Then you must’ve missed our stories on genomics. Yes? Well, let us still refresh your memory! These powerful stories show exactly how research and education networking is vital to quick access to data, reliable connectivity and therefore collaboration. Let us share!

From numbers and sequences to personalised cancer treatment

New technologies for deep sequencing of DNA and RNA are paving the way for unprecedented opportunities in genomic medicine. Norwegian medical scientists enlist the Abel supercomputer in Oslo to transform numbers and genome sequences into improved and more personalised cancer treatment. High-performance computing and powerful infrastructure prove essential, as medicine enters the era of big data. Medical science is one of the fastest growing fields of big data science, generating tons of data from genome sequencing projects all over the world.

Scientists from several fields are joining forces, trying to analyse the massive, and often overwhelming body of information. If they succeed in turning information gained from deep sequencing of large patient cohorts into biomarkers, new drugs, and a more customisable treatment framework, recent genomic advances will ultimately represent a breakthrough in cancer medicine. Read how Norwegian NREN Uninett supports, in the full story on the In The Field blog.

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