TNC19 Workshop: An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption framework 16 June 16:30-17:30

Adopting Amazon Web Services (AWS) presents many benefits, such as increased business agility and flexibility, as well as reduced costs. However, in order to fully realize these benefits your staff may need to acquire new skills and create or update core processes. Doing so can maximize the business value and minimize the business risks of cloud adoption.

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) helps organizations understand how cloud adoption transforms the way they work, and it provides structure to identify and address gaps in skills and processes. Applying the AWS CAF in an organization results in an actionable plan with defined work streams that can guide your organization’s path to cloud adoption. This framework leverages our experiences and best practices in assisting organizations around the world with their cloud adoption journey.

NRENs can use CAF as well to help and support member institutions. AWS CAF is not specific to any one cloud provider, but heavily leverages AWS Experiences

Workshop will be delivered by Daniel Bacelic who is business development manager at Amazon web services and Daniel takes care of education industry by driving scalable programs supporting innovation and cloud journey and focusing on skills development initiative to dramatically accelerate cloud learning and prepare students for a cloud-enabled workforce.

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