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Connected supercomputers to boost European science and innovation

While Europe provides around 5 per cent of the world’s supercomputing resources, it consumes almost one third of them. To remedy this, the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is investing heavily in new machinery. Recently it announced the funding of three pre-exascale facilities in Finland, Spain and Italy. The first one to be announced was the Finnish LUMI facility, located in the existing data centre of the Finnish research & education network CSC/Funet in Kajaani where connectivity is exceptionally well-developed.

Fun fact: Kajaani claims to be the green home of High Performance Computing. The LUMI facility will in fact have a negative CO2 footprint, due to environmentally friendly hydropower, free cooling all year round, and the possibility of waste heat being utilized in the Kajaani district heating network.

To secure maximum impact of LUMI, as well as of the EuroHPC initiative as a whole, the universities, research centres, and private enterprises involved will collaborate closely in the provision of HPC training, user support, and data management services. That is where GÉANT, CSC/Funet and NORDUnet come to play. How this is boosting European science and innovation? Read all about it on the In The Field blog.


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