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Ready, set, go! #DataMoverChallenge20

The shortlisted participants for the DataMoverChallenge2020 have been announced last week and we would like to wish all participants the best of luck! What is this challenge about and how is our community involved?

The Data Mover Challenge (DMC), which is organised by the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC), Singapore brings together experts from industry and academia, to push the envelope in high speed, big data transfer capabilities, and across vast distances. Participants for DMC19 included international teams from USA, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea.

The DMC20 topology shows how GÉANT, SURF, NORDUnet, AARNET, NII and SingAren are part of the infrastructure. Competing teams will have 5 days to deploy and run data transfer tests based on given scenarios. A 2TB of data set consisting of Genome and Satellite mixed data type and sizes is here at stake.

Curious to learn more? Read all about it on the DMC20 website.

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