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Sunsets, Sand and Security at the 58th TF-CSIRT Meeting

TF-CSIRT met for the 58th time in Paphos, Cyprus from 16th to 17th September 2019 – kindly hosted by CSIRT-CY. Despite the beautiful setting outside, attendees were extremely busy with the main TF-CSIRT meeting and a variety of side meetings for the TF-CSIRT Futures Working Group, the Taxonomy Working Group and the newly proposed CERTS PR Working Group.

One of the main points of order for this meeting was to elect new members to the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee in one of the biggest changes to the shape of the committee in recent years. We are very pleased to announce the following appointments:

Silvio Oertli, (SWITCH-CERT). Chair.
Rossella Mattioli, ENISA.
Andre Oosterwijk, KPN-CERT.
Rogerio Gil Raposo, CERT.PT.

Full details of the vote can be found on our voting record. To find out more about the meeting please read on.

Submitted by Nicole Harris

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