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Webinar: Managing one-click access for students, teachers and researchers in the age of GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation Concept.

Cross-national and collaborative research and education requires that students, teachers, researchers and other users in research and education organisations have easy access to services with their home organisation user accounts. Login with home organisation credentials requires sharing some personal data and this means there is a burden to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The research and education community has developed a Code of Conduct that provides a scalable, consistent approach to data protection compliance for the use of home organisation logins.

This session will give you as a researcher, student or a teacher an insight into how data protection requirements (e.g. data minimalization and privacy by design) are applied in the Code of Conduct in order to provide you seamless and easy access to services on-line. It further brings you an opportunity to influence the Code and provide your opinions on the Code of Conduct’s approach and any suggestions for improvements

This webinar is part of Code of Conduct version 2.0 project (, however is focusing exclusively on data subject (researcher, student, teacher) perspective. Don’t miss the opportunity to express your opinion on the Code of Conduct.

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