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EOSC Landscape WG to finalise draft report on EOSC-related infrastructures and initiatives

Original blog post by: Alizeé Francey, EOSC Landscape WG Rapporteur, with contributions by John Womersley, EOSC Landscape WG Co-chair

The EOSC Landscape Working Group started 2020 at full pace, as its members discuss and prepare the next version of the awaited report on EOSC-related infrastructures and initiatives.

The WG has now received country sheets from 30 EU Member States and Associated Countries and is now addressing the challenge to include all the collected information in an aggregated format. In order to do so, internal task forces will be set up to facilitate active participation of the WG members and make full use of their expertise.

As part of a larger validation process, an invitation-only Validation Workshop will take place in Brussels on the 23rd and 24th of March 2020, to discuss the status of the preliminary Landscape Report and to define how the Landscaping activities can support the work of the others EOSC WGs.

Read more on the EOSCsecretariat website:

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