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How to plant solid roots for EOSC: 3rd Meeting of the Sustainability WG

Original blog post by the EOSC Sustainability Working Group

The third face-to-face meeting of the EOSC Sustainability Working Group was held at Bouchout Castle just north of Brussels, which is the site of the Meise Botanic Garden. It proved an ideal location for exploring how to plant solid roots for EOSC and allow it to grow into a secure environment for Europe’s research activities.

The objective of the meeting was to get an update on the progress of the Working Group’s task forces, foresee the next steps regarding the Tinman document and to establish a broader timeline for the year.

Read the full article on the EOSCsecretariat website to get insights on:

  • The status of the Tinman report “Solutions for a Sustainable EOSC” and open consultations that will take place through the EOSC Liaison Platform;
  • Active and upcoming studies to be commissioned by the WG on the future EOSC legal entity and business models;
  • Discussions on a future legal entity for EOSC;
  • Continuous integration of national infrastructures based on the input from the EOSC Landscape WG.
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