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Nominations open for 2020 GÉANT Community Award

We are delighted to announce that nominations for the 2020 GÉANT Community Award open today. The Award is a sign of recognition for the individual efforts that make up our community collaboration.

The winner will be selected by a panel of judges from within the GÉANT community and will be announced at TNC20.

Award categories

  • Initiators of significant new ideas or improvements which have had lasting impact on the organisation, project or community.
  • Impactful contributors to the GÉANT project or wider community activities over a sustained period of time.
  • Outstanding contributions to the project or community which have immediately led to significant and recognisable new ideas, developments or improvements over the last 12 months.

Who can submit nominations

  • Representatives of European NRENs and their connected institutions.
  • Staff employed or sub-contracted by GÉANT, by GÉANT Project partner organisations, or by GÉANT member organisations (associates and national or representative members).
  • Individuals who participate in one or more GÉANT task force, special interest group, or other GÉANT activities, whether by attending meetings or simply being on the mailing list.
  • Other individuals who have registered to attend TNC20.

How to nominate

A maximum of two submissions per person will be accepted; if more nominations are submitted, only the first two complete forms will be taken into account. The nomination survey is available online.

Anna Wilson (HEAnet) was 2019 GÉANT Community Award winner. She was honoured for her contribution to research and education networking, but in particular, she is held as ‘the perfect example of how continuous dedication to work can transform society’.

The deadline for nominations is midnight CET on Friday 27 March, take this opportunity to nominate a colleague or a member of your community that you think deserves recognition for their contributions to Research and Education networking in Europe and the rest of the world.

With just one month to go, if you already have somebody in mind, don’t procrastinate and send us your nomination today.

*GÉANT employees are not eligible for the GÉANT Community Award.

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