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NGI Trust: final call for your innovation ideas

NGI Trust is part of the Next Generation Internet initiative: designed to create an internet of humans, that responds to our fundamental needs, including trust, security and inclusion.  The project makes funding available for innovative ideas to tackle very real issues we face online everyday concerning trust, privacy, security and identity.

NGI Trust has already funded over 35 projects through its open calls.  In phase one, we funded projects that looked at the following ideas:

  • We need to move beyond passwords, and find a better way for users to manage the complexity of shared secrets and technical trust.  4 projects are working in this area, with projects looking at how we can use our mobile devices more effectively as tokens instead of the need for passwords, how we can better protect data on our mobile devices, and how we can improve the way that cryptography is used on hardware and in the core of our internet infrastructure.
  • It is essential for us to provide better privacy, particularly in areas where data is more sensitive and in how we present privacy information to our users.  4 projects are looking at how we can both protect and utilise health data, how we deal with managing large amounts of data in the cloud and how we can better support users in understanding the legal issues around consenting to use services.
  • Safer browsing is essential to an ecosystem of privacy and trust.  3 projects are looking at providing better informed safety for children online that doesn’t block access unnecessarily to useful information, how we can improve VPN technology to provide a better user experience and how we can support the users needs more effectively in internet search rather than being driven by the wants of advertisers.
  • To achieve a truly human-centric internet, we need to have user control.  The complexity and options when navigating a globally connected internet can be a daunting task. 6 projects are focusing on user control to ease the decision making and customisation of settings to give the user a role in their internet.

For our third and final round we are looking for projects the can contribute to the following needs:

  • Topics focused on app implementations to manage the plethora of information sharing agreements and consents that a person would agree to, manage and re-use over time.
  • Technical innovation in privacy enhancing technologies, such as cryptography, federated identity, security and privacy for IoT, privacy-enhancing data transports and data at rest.
  • The application of artificial intelligence/machine learning/neural networks to serve the user’s interests.
  • Bootstrapping trust at the protocol level, to maintain a trustworthy internet infrastructure.

The calls are open to both individuals and organisations.  Applicants should be registered (for organisations) or resident (for individuals) in an EU member state or a Horizon 2020 associated country (list of countries available here).

Please look at the Open Call pages to find out how you can participate.  Submission deadline: 4 May 2020 at 18:00 CET.

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