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Infoshare on Campus Network Management as a Service (CNaaS)

Several European NRENs have started offering Campus Network Management as a Service (CNaaS) to their connected institutions, either because the end-institutions or the governments have requested them to do it. Defining the new model, automating the infrastructure and sharing the management are some of the new challenges to solve.

The GN4-3 project (WP6) is organising an Infoshare on CNaaS, where we will learn about the experiences and lessons learnt of three NRENs that are already offering the service: FUNET, SUNET and UNINETT. The virtual event will take place on 7th of October 2020 13:00 -14:30 CEST.

FUNET will give an overview of the service status, the use cases and customer feedback and the latest development of automation tools and the shared management platform.

SUNET will explain the complexities, background and experiences so far from initial production. The components used and the collaborative development with other NRENs will be also discussed: why some parts are developed in-house, which can be reused by or from other NRENs?

UNINETT will share the experiences on bringing services to two new customers, including wifi deployment in a big Campus and the development of their aggregated alert system, that receives information from several monitoring systems and integrates them into a single one.

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