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eduGAIN welcomes CSTCloud to the family

Rooted in the advanced cyberinfrastructure and digital information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Science and Technology Cloud (CSTCloud) is a national platform to provide scientists with efficient and integrated cloud solutions in the retrieval, access, use, transaction, delivery and other aspects of sharing scientific information and relevant services. As big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are now the three chariots driving cutting-edge information technology worldwide, CSTCloud combines all three fields into a single, massive platform which will provide strong data and cloud computing services to support scientific innovation and socioeconomic development.

This platform connects all the institutes in China Academy of Sciences, many national research institutes, scientific data centers and more than 80% national research infrastructures,  it supports over 100,000 researchers across China in a wide range of fields of study. CSTCloud can provide efficient and integrated cloud computing solutions to support the storage, transmission, computing, analysis, and application of scientific data towards new discoveries.

Gaogang Xie, Deputy Director General of CNIC

CSTCloud is extremely active in a range of advanced research projects from fusion energy research with ITER and particle physics with LHCONE to radio telescope observations with the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio telescope (FAST). These huge global projects require CST researchers to access data and systems worldwide and for access to the CSTCloud systems to be enabled for distributed research teams. These requirements for easy-to-use, secure and open access resulted in the work to incorporate CSTCloud into the eduGAIN interfederation service. CSTCloud now joins 68 other federations worldwide supporting millions of users and helping support international collaborations to speed up research worldwide.


“Becoming the member of eduGAIN, will help facilitate better flow of research resources between China and her partners around the globe and guarantee the consolidated foundation for the connectivity between CSTCloud and other research e-infrastructures in the world.“

Gaogang Xie, Deputy Director General of CNIC (CNIC  is responsible for the operation and management of CSTCloud)

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