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Call for papers: IDCC conference on data quality

The call for papers for the 16th International Digital Curation Conference, IDCC21, is now available. The conference theme is:

Data quality and data limitations: working towards equality through data curation

The aim is to explore how we can ensure data collection and curation works for society at large, for example by avoiding biases in datasets, misinformation, misuse and falsified data, applying data ethics, assessment of data quality, data sovereignty and representation of marginalized communities.

Papers are invited to address one or multiple themes in the broad scope of data quality and data limitations such as:

  • Documenting and avoiding biases in datasets (e.g. clinical trials, facial recognition training datasets, machine learning).
  • Anticipating use, avoiding misuse: communicating the applicability or otherwise of data to research questions.
  • Non-custodial archiving, “documenting the now”, and strengthening the archives of marginalized communities.
  • Curating propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and falsified data. How do we protect the integrity of research data?
  • Research data and curation in the contexts of geopolitics and “data nationalism”.
  • Data documentation for FAIRness and data quality.
  • Applying data ethics in curation and assessment of data quality.
  • Developing digital skills programmes to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the data science and curation professions.
  • Indigenous data sovereignty, community archives and application of the CARE principles.
  • Addressing inequality: broadening the benefits of data-driven science to more and diverse stakeholders.

Submission guidelines are provided on the IDCC website.

As in previous years, IDCC is organised by the Digital Curation Centre with the support of the Coalition for Network Information. As announced at IDCC20 in Dublin earlier this year, IDCC will be taking place in an abbreviated form as a co-located event with the 17th RDA Plenary. IDCC itself will take place over a single day with the same mix of full papers, lightning talks and posters.

Planning is underway for a hybrid event with facilities for on-site and remote attendees, or to run as fully virtual conference. Either way the organisers plan to offer the welcoming, inclusive environment that we have always strived for and which our attendees and contributors have helped us to nurture – as well as a virtual taste of the host city of Edinburgh.

The submission deadline for paper abstracts and lightning talks is January 18th 2021. The event itself will take place on 19th April 2021.

We encourage NRENs to submit papers based on their provision of data infrastructure and support.

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