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Graphcore Academic Programme offers free AI compute resources

The Graphcore Academic Programme is aimed at researchers, principal investigators, professors, Masters and PhD students, and PostDocs who wish to use Graphcore AI compute systems in their research or teaching.

Participants will receive free access to Graphcore IPU compute systems, comprising 16x Mk1 GC2 IPUs on 8x C2 PCIe cards, inside a Dell DSS8440 server. Other benefits of the programme include support and regular check-ins from Graphcore’s in-house researchers and engineers. Graphcore may also offer support with grant applications and funding proposals.

Graphcore is prioritising access to projects and proposals that fall into the following areas. However, the company will also consider proposals that include innovative applications of Graphcore’s IPU technology:

  • Sparse training
  • Conditional sparse computation
  • Optimisation of stochastic learning
  • New efficient models for deep learning and graph networks
  • Small graph networks
  • New directions for parallel training
  • Local parallelism
  • Multi-model training

Submitted by Thorsten Papkalla

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