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How can Research & Marketing Communications support each other?

On 30 March 2021, the Task Force on Research Engagement Development​ (TF-RED) and the Special Interest Group on Marketing Communications​ (SIG-Marcomms), both part of the GÉANT Community Programme, held a joint meeting for the first time.

The discussion focused on how to explore collaboration opportunities between the two teams both at national and global level so as to add value to both areas of work. SIG-Marcomms members stressed the need for a clear message on what research engagement is about and what the goal of the Task Force is. Work objectives need to be defined ahead of developing a wider marketing strategy as well as materials.  In other words, the focus needs to be on increasing the awareness of the work of research engagement professionals: providing concrete solutions to their users’ needs.

The joint meeting also saw the participants investigating how to find the right balance between the technical languages (spoken by researchers) and the more high-level oriented messaging (used by communications experts). There is no one-size-fits all approach to collaborations between research and communications.  But rather, the marketing material should be tailored to the type of audience and its needs, once these are identified.

To conclude, TF-RED did benefit from the SIG-Marcomms’ initiative to clarify the first steps needed to embark in successful collaborations.  The information gathered during the meeting has been fed into the development of the TF-RED blueprint document which will serve as a basis for research and communications synergies.

For further information on the work of the Task Forces and Special Interest Groups of the GÉANT Community Programme visit the dedicated webpages here.


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