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Cyber Security Month 2021: a preview

October 2021 will be Cyber Security Month. Also this year GÉANT will launch a campaign to raise cybersecurity awareness within the R&E community. After the success of “Become a Cyber ​​Hero” CSM2020,  which saw the active participation of 20 NREN organisations from Europe and beyond, we are delighted to inform you that Cyber Heroes will be coming back on a screen near you in October 2021!

Working from home safely

Due to the pandemic outbreak working from home has become commonplace for many organisations in the last eighteen months. Video conferencing tools and a variety of online platforms have been enabling us to work or study remotely: all we need is a laptop and an internet connection. In addition, going forward, hybrid work and distance learning are expected to become the norm, given the many benefits for both employees and employers.

But working from home can also bring additional cyber security risks.  Proper ‘cyber hygiene’ is necessary to protect our devices and networks and to recognise any suspicious messages – and we have seen so many of those in circulation linked to the pandemic.  This way we not only protect our organisation, but also our own data and our own identity!

For this reason the CSM2021 campaign will focus on the importance of digitally safe home-working and its central theme, ‘Cyber ​​Hero @ Home‘, is divided in 4 weekly sub-themes that will be addressed throughout the month of October 2021:

  • Week 1 (4-10 October): Be aware of cybercrime
  • Week 2 (11-17 October): Protect your network
  • Week 3 (18-24 October): Protect your devices
  • Week 4 (25-31 October): Protect your identity

Share your expertise

One of our aims is to build further on the strong collaboration with NRENs by co-creating the CSM21 campaign with the R&E community. By contributing with your content and materials to CSM2021 you will have the opportunity to share your expertise with a wide and international audience of researchers, students and NREN employees.

Participation is easy and can be arranged in a variety of ways: by writing a blog or an article, giving a brief (video) interview or submitting a proposal for a presentation on one of the four suggested topics at one of the weekly webinars that will take place during Cyber ​​Security Month 2021

Are you part of the GÉANT R&E community and would you like to share your knowledge and expertise in the field of Cyber Security? Then we would really love to hear from you,  don’t think about it twice and contact us at

The CSM2021 Team

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