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FCCN first NREN to migrate to new GÉANT fibre network

FCCN is the first NREN to migrate from leased capacity to the new GÉANT fibre network as part of the €63.125m GÉANT (GN4-3N) project.

Representing the most significant refresh – and enlargement – of the pan-European GÉANT network in a decade, the GN4-3N project will see all GÉANT NRENs benefit from fibre or spectrum connectivity, helping to further narrow Europe’s digital divide.

For example, one of the benefits of the new network will be that high-capacity connections will be available throughout the network so that interconnections to other regions can be made throughout the network rather than just in a few locations.

As an example, the European connection for the BELLA-S1 project (directly connecting Latin America and Europe) has been made in Portugal rather than having to be back-hauled to a central European location.

The Portuguese research and academic network managed by FCT’s unit, FCCN, is now directly connected to GÉANT through Porto, ensuring a more resilient connection to the community.

Successfully migrating to its new Porto-Bilbao route (and in turn benefiting from the new Bilbao-Paris route), FCCN now enjoys improved performance, increased flexibility, and consistent and predictable long-term costs. With three routes (Lisbon-Porto, Lisbon-Madrid, Porto-Bilbao) on the new network, the benefits to FCCN’s network infrastructure (RCTS – Rede Ciência, Tecnologia e Sociedade) – are expected to be significant.

Director of the Network Services Area of the FCCN Unit of FCT, Ana Pinto, explains, “This migration is part of an evolution plan designed to enhance our Network (RCTS). A project called RCTS100 is underway and, in short, it includes a series of upgrades and migrations with the goal of establishing advanced traffic protection and engineering mechanisms that allow us to provide a next generation network to our community. By making the network more redundant and resilient, we are ensuring better convergence times in case of failure and faster service restoration.”

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