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First AfricaConnect3 connectivity milestone achieved: Tunisian R&E communities now connected to Europe and the rest of the world

The Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN), the regional networking organization responsible for the delivery of the EU-funded AfricaConnect3 project in North Africa, and the Tunisian Computing Center al Khawarizmi (CCK) have signed an agreement whereby ASREN will provide a dedicated 1 Gbps circuit between CCK and the pan-European GÉANT network with the co-funding support of AfricaConnect3.

AfricaConnect3 fosters the development of high-capacity internet networks for research and education across Africa and their interconnection to Europe and further afield.

CCK, the Tunisian partner in AfricaConnect3, manages the Tunisian National Research and Education Network (RNU) and provides internet connectivity, applications and services to the research and education (R&E) communities in Tunisia.

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