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SIG-MARCOMMS Spring meeting with joint SIG-MSP session: 21-22 March

The Special Interest Group on Marketing and Communications (SIG-MARCOMMs) will host its Spring meeting online on 21-22 March.

The first day will be hosted jointly with the Special Interest Group on Management of Service Portfolio (SIG-MSP) and will focus on the topic of training.

Offering training is a tool for some NRENs to raise awareness of what they do and their work. At the same time, training can also support products that are offered and expand the uptake of service offerings. But training is also a product or service in its own right, needing a place in the NREN strategy and in the marketing communications support activities. The joint meeting will be an opportunity to listen to lightning talks from the international GÉANT community and GÉANT Learning and Development (GLAD) about the current training activities and how they are evolving. A discussion will follow, and participants will have the chance to reflect and discuss in smaller groups.

The second day of the meeting will be only for SIG-MARCOMMS members and anyone who is interested in the latest marketing and communications developments of the Community.

The agenda is available on wiki. We welcome inputs from the Community on presentations and updates.

If you are a SIG-MARCOMMS member, register for BOTH days:

If you are a SIG-MSP member, register only for DAY 1 (March 21):

SIG-MARCOMMS and SIG-MSP are part of the GÉANT Community Programme. Find out more about its activities and objectives on the website

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