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#WomenInStem – on overcoming challenges with resilience

Women bring an infinite number of possibilities to the workplace – they enrich the workplace with new perspectives and ideas, bring creativity and help retain the talent’s pools, face challenges head-on and are not disheartened by the obstacles.

In Episode 3 of the GÉANT Women in STEM campaign, we asked five participants from Benin, Canada,  Spain and the Netherlands working in the fields of telecommunications, trust & identity, network engineering and cyberinfrastructure to share examples of what it means to be a woman – as well as to work with women – in STEM and confront challenges with resilience and motivation always bouncing back like real warriors!

Let’s hear it from them!

More on the 2022 Women in STEM Campaign on the dedicated webpage. Episode 4 on the power of women’s network will be released next week on March 22nd.

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