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New OCRE Funding and Procurement Call

New OCRE Call for Funding

The EC-funded OCRE project has a remaining budget of approximately €6.5 million (including VAT) for distribution in the final adoption funding call. This is intended to be distributed across both Cloud and Earth Observation services.

How to engage in this mini-competition within the GÉANT 2020 Cloud Framework by OCRE

Cloud Services

Be awarded up to €500,000-worth of cloud infrastructure, platform and software services and drive improved agility and outcomes for your research project! This call opened on April 26th and will close on July 7th. Act now!

Here’s how to get engaged:

  1. Identify the OCRE cloud suppliers in your country using the Cloud Catalogue
  2. Reach out to the contact/s listed for the supplier/s most likely to meet your needs.
  3. Collaborate with your supplier on the submission of a proposal which:
    • Clearly highlights your research in terms of discipline and relevance;
    • Describes how your project can demonstrate the significant impact that cloud-based digital services will have on the related activities and outcomes;
    • Shows how your research institute, department and project could tell a compelling story about digital services accelerating European research.

Please remember that your supplier will require that your institute is prepared to sign their various Terms & Conditions etc. should your project be awarded the funded services. Please engage with your procurement and legal team and have them on board.

THINK BIG! OCRE funded services at this scale could dramatically influence your research outputs this year!

This funding is intended to drive the adoption of cloud-based services by the European research community and therefore cannot be allocated to research projects already consuming cloud at scale from the commercial providers.

Earth Observation (EO) Services

Please watch the OCRE site for updates on the publication of the upcoming Earth Observation market call. Digital services from suppliers consuming Copernicus data could assist all science disciplines accelerate their understanding of the impact the natural world has on humanity.

The OCRE Earth Observation suppliers using the EO Catalogue are listed here by service type.

The OCRE project will procure services on behalf of awarded research projects in accordance with the rules governed by its Grant Agreement with the European Commission. In addition to this, OCRE is restricted by the rules associated with the procurement of single purpose vouchers and VAT compliance within the European Union. This unfortunately prevents OCRE from applying the proven funding mechanism outside of the EU and UK.

In the first call, institutes outside of this region were able to consume awarded services for project collaborations with institutes inside the EU. If you are working within such a research collaboration, please encourage your counterparts in the EU to assist with the submission of a compelling proposal. Research projects spanning more than one country have a good chance of being awarded digital services through OCRE.

For more information on the OCRE project and current adoption funding opportunities, please access the webinar recording from April 14th.

Identify your cloud supplier here


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