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OCRE Success Story: Mapping the global 3-dimensional distribution of ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere

OCRE Success Story KNMI ozone

Due to its complexity, ozone profile retrieval is a relatively computationally expensive process and a reprocessing (i.e. re-calculating the complete back-catalogue of data, usually with a new and better version of the algorithm) is done rarely due to the large computing resources needed.

The OCRE Cloud Funding for Research helped the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) to acquire experience with cloud computing for larger processing projects. It gave them the opportunity to try the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) computing resources in the AWS cloud, and do a relatively fast ozone profile retrieval reprocessing.

Ultimately, a faster ozone profile reprocessing meant that the data could become available to downstream scientists sooner and that colleagues at KNMI and other scientists could focus on the validation of the ozone profile data.

Read the full success story on the OCRE website:


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