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OCRE Mini-competition and Funding Call well received

OCRE mini competition and funding call well received

The OCRE Cloud and Earth Observation (EO) adoption for research open calls which closed the 12th and 15th of July 2022 saw a high participation. The proposals received have assured the OCRE Team of compelling use cases to demonstrate the effectiveness of commercial Cloud and Earth Observation (EO) services in producing better research outcomes. And the high quantity of proposals and large amount of interest has demonstrated the effectiveness of the new funding mechanism used in the Cloud call.

In total the two calls will see the remaining EC funding distributed directly to the researchers who need it in the form of vouchers. In the case of the Cloud call, an accelerated adoption model was used, whereby the commercial suppliers engaged proactively and directly with researchers and institutions in order to come up with compelling research proposals using their services. This approach has already proved effective in creating a greater interaction and understanding between commercial providers and academic institutions, and it will also lead to getting the funds to the awarded projects faster.

The proposals are currently being evaluated, scored and ranked according to the requirements and criteria described in the mini-competition. Results will then be presented to the OCRE External Advisory Board, after which the awards will be announced.

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