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Networking Performance Art production Workshop (NPAPW) Tallinn, Estonia on 12-14 September 2022


Networking Performance Art Production Workshop (NPAPW) is an annual workshop and gathering of an international community exploring technologies that utilise advanced networks to enable interactive arts instruction, master classes, multisite performances, and remote auditions.

NPAPW22, is jointly organised by GÉANT and Internet2 and supported by EENet of HTM, and will be hosted by and taking place at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia, from 12 to 14 September 2022.

The event is addressed to performing artists, music educators, composers, academic administrators, faculty, technology developers, cultural video producers, administration and staff from performing arts venues, anyone or any institution interested in using interactive technologies over high-speed networks in educational programs or performances.

NPAPW 2022 Programme

Presentations, demos, live performances, panels, hands-on activities, concerts will be at the heart of the 2022 event. The first day will start with an introduction to video and audio management tools, followed by a session focusing on the latest news and updates about the current technology options for low-latency network transmissions for distance collaboration in the performing arts. The technologies presented in this session will be those particularly suitable for NRENs network. The first day will also include an entire session dedicate to eduMEET (the GEANT community virtual meeting tools) for performing arts, with a unique live demonstration across two countries.

The second day will focus on enabling and fostering audience participation in the creative process within virtual reality environments. In addition, a session dedicated to tools for home networks will cover the latest news and updates about the current technology options available when top performance NRENs connectivity is not there. A final session on crossing domains and extended collaboration will present projects that go beyond music performance and embracing new challenges in healthcare, theatre, dance, photography and poetry.

The final day will be centred on collaboration stories from the community. In this session three collaborative experiences will be shared with the audience.

During the three day workshop there will be an electroacoustic music performance over the Internet using free and open source technologies such as JackTrip (audio), Jitsi (video) and OBS (streaming), an Artistic Networked Performance by EAMT and remote partners, and two panels on success stories and lesson learnt using network and technology for teaching and performing arts during the pandemic. Stories of passion, adaptation, ingenuity and, above all, collaboration!

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