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GÉANT Cyber Security Month 2022: a preview

In October GÉANT will launch a large-scale campaign to raise cybersecurity awareness within the international Research & Education community. Following the success of “Become a Cyber ​​Hero” (2020) and “Cyber Hero@Home” (2021), we are delighted to announce that our famous Cyber Heroes will be back soon!

A Community of Cyber Heroes

Collaboration and information sharing are at the heart of the R&E community and we believe that together we can make a difference and improve the resilience of this community, our community, to cyber crime.

With the 2022 campaign “A Community of Cyber Heroes”, GÉANT aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity in the European R&E community by providing users and members with relevant and tailor-made information.

Therefore this year’s initiative will focus on 4 main target groups and address them during each week of October:

  • Week 1: Students and researchers.
  • Week 2: Security professionals (security, awareness, communication officers and more).
  • Week 3: Decision makers (CEO, CIO, CISO).
  • Week 4: Employees working from home.

Share your expertise

  • Are you working in an NREN, an education or research institution and are you passionate about (the human factor of) cybersecurity?
  • Has your organisation successfully launched an awareness campaign or implemented a security programme?
  • Have you been confronted with a major cybersecurity incident / challenge and do you want to share your lessons learned / approach?
  • Are you a student or researcher and want to share new insights in cybersecurity with your peers?

Then join the GÉANT Cyber Security Month 2022! Participation is easy and open to all members of the international R&E community:

  • You can either contribute with a blog, article, case study, story or you can choose to be interviewed by us. Just bear in mind that your contribution should address one of the above-mentioned target groups.
  • All contributions will be published on the GÉANT CONNECT website. The CSM22 team will proofread, edit (when necessary) and publish your text. We can also help you find suitable (royalty free) images.

Are you part of the GÉANT R&E community and would like to share your knowledge and expertise in the field of Cybersecurity? Then we would really love to hear from you.  Don’t think twice about it, contact us at!

Submission deadline: 23 September 2022


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