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GÉANT’s GN5-1 project proposal passes EC evaluation ahead of January 2023 start

GÉANT is proud to announce the important GN5-1 project proposal has successfully passed European Commission (EC) evaluation and will now move to the Grant Agreement stage, ready for the project to start 1 January 2023.

GN5-1 is the next stage in the long-running and transformative GÉANT Project that has supported Europe’s research and education communities for over 20 years. With 38 project partners (together with the GÉANT Association) representing all of Europe’s National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) the GÉANT Project is a highly successful example of pan-European collaboration.

With a two-year duration and €55M of EC grant funding, GN5-1 is one of the first in a series of projects foreseen under GN5-FPA, the 7-year strategic framework that outlines the overall direction, objectives, and impacts of individual projects within that timeframe as part of Horizon Europe – the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.

GN5-1 aims to provide yet faster, more resilient, and secure connectivity infrastructure and collaboration services to Europe’s research and education communities, enabling collaboration across virtual teams worldwide and addressing Horizon Europe’s priorities.

Matthew Scott, GÉANT’s Chief Programmes Officer added, “The successful evaluation clearly illustrates how the GÉANT community’s goals and ambitions are closely aligned with the EC as our co-funding partner. My thanks go to the many contributors across the consortium involved in developing the proposal and particularly the co-authors, GÉANT Project team leads, the GÉANT Project Planning Committee (GPPC), GÉANT Board, and General Assembly (GA) for their input, guidance, constructive support, and collaboration. We’re extremely excited for what the future brings!”

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