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New learning unit in the Network eAcademy: “Version control: Gitlab”

The GÉANT project’s Network Development team announces the release of a new unit in the GÉANT Network eAcademy (as part of the “AGILE, DevOps, CI/CD” track): Gitlab.

By following this unit, you will get insights on the popular version control software Gitlab, which combines source code management, review, planning and monitoring with continuous integration, delivery and deployment. Gitlab can be used by network engineers to treat the network as code. The step-by-step instructions will guide you in your journey to start creating branches or merge requests, work with issues, epics, milestones and much more.

You can follow the unit here (login required):

Course duration: 30 minutes

Trainer: Kostas Stamos – GRNET

Visit the OAV Training Portal for updated information about the training, and to access the interactive Network Automation eAcademy training map, a visual tool to help you follow your self-paced training, based on your interests.

Network Automation eAcademy Map_20230614

And remember that you have an open window to the trainers and experts in the Network Automation eAcademy, with one hour for questions & answers and also for feedback and training requests on the first Tuesday of every month. Just drop an email to the Network Automation team at or to receive the link to join the room.

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