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SIG-Marcomms goes to Armenia to talk project comms: 4-5 October, 2023

Now that the summer meeting of the Special Interest Group on Marketing and Communications (SIG-Marcomms) is over, it’s time to start preparing for the next one!
The group will be hosted by Asnet-Am, the Armenian NREN, in their office premises in the country’s capital, Yerevan.

The event will be held on October 4-5, 2023 alongside the EaPConnect project meeting (taking place on October 3-4) and will focus on discussing best practices, innovative ideas and challenges in the field of project-related communications. The agenda is currently being built by the Steering Committee, but some sessions have already been noted down.


The meeting will start with a discussion on “Communicating the impact of a project” whether it is a global, regional or national level – how do you highlight the tangible and intangible changes brough about by your work? In the afternoon, the focus will shift to stakeholder engagement in a session titled “Engaging with different project’s stakeholders”, on the significance of tailoring messages to the different target audiences for best results. Presentation proposals are welcome!

The Steering Committee is looking to organise a practical workshop as well (of about 1-2 hours) and is happy to receive ideas!

This will be a full-day meeting (on October 5), while the social event will be held together with the EaPConnect participants on October 4, in the afternoon. Details will follow.

All information and answers to your questions about visas, transportation and hotels are listed on the event wiki page.


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