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TIM 2023 needs you! Trust & Identity Incubator Mentorship programme is back!

Bringing together ambitious young minds and experts in Trust & Identity

The Trust and Identity Incubator Mentoring Programme (TIM) is back! This exciting initiative brings together ambitious young minds and industry experts to collaborate on pioneering developments in the area of Trust and Identity.

A paid internship or work placement

Funded by the GÉANT GN5.1 project, the Trust and Identity (T&I) Mentoring Programme is a 6 month internship / work placement, hosted by a local NREN. The placement will be a maximum of 3 days per week and may be combined with thesis writing. The student and local mentor will receive payment for their participation.

Expert Mentors from T&I and the home NREN

Students will develop their project under the guidance of the GÉANT T&I Incubator experts and a local mentor during the Incubator’s 7-month development cycle.  They may propose a project of their own choice, or from a range of innovative concepts, products and services proposed by the T&I Incubator team.

The benefits

This programme has helped NRENs successfully attract future talent in the field and supports the development of local Trust and Identity expertise.

Students develop valuable skills and hands on experience with experts in their field and provides networking opportunities. This part-time internship may be combined with thesis-writing.

The experience of a previous student

Ondřej joined the TIM programme, to work on implementing WebAuthN, a novel way of two factor authentication:

Being a part of the TIM programme was an excellent experience for me. The topic of my work was Enabling WebAuthn technology for SATOSA, which was also a topic of my Bachelor thesis. I was satisfied with the way the communication with the team was taking place. We had a meeting every week where we discussed our progress and possible impediment. If there was a problem, the team was glad to help. We also had a 15 minutes chat every Tuesday where we talked about what we were going to work on that week. I think that the most important thing was having a mentor because when I got stuck, I had someone who could quickly help and save me a lot of time.

There was also a Demo every month during which we presented our progress in the form of a presentation to many people from the Incubator. Those presentations were a tremendous experience because I had never had a presentation in front of so many people in English before. I am also happy that we could meet face to face in Slovenia, where we got to see each other and discuss many things. We also had the opportunity to attend several other interesting presentations. The people in the Incubator were very kind. I thank them for providing this great experience and the understanding they had.” – Ondřej Ernst

Improves Credentials!

GLAD provides additional support through training opportunities for participants and the NREN mentors.  GLAD will deliver training for the programme in mentoring, public speaking, Agile software development and SCRUM.   Students will also be given the opportunity to showcase their research to an audience of specialists and peers at an international conference.

TIM needs you!

The TIM Programme is open to final year students or recent graduates with a passion for Trust and Identity.  They will be Bachelors, Masters or PhD level students in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering or other technology related fields.

Participants must be nominated and registered by a GÉANT NREN partner.

Visit the TIM programme wiki page for information about the application process.

Contact for more information.

Application deadline: 25th August 2023



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