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Cybersecurity Month 2023 – Become a Cyber Hero

GÉANT CyberSecMonth 2023 - Become A Cyber Hero

The 2023 European Cybersecurity Month is fast approaching. An initiative coordinated by ENISA and the European Commission to raise cybersecurity awareness in Europe, Cybersecurity Month aims to encourage end-users to prepare against digital threats and feel empowered to protect their organisation and themselves, via the dissemination of relevant and targeted content, information and materials.

Ensuring that everyone in the community is aware of the latest developments in security and the newest risks is an important aspect of guaranteeing security. GÉANT is committed to disseminating security news across all its channels to raise cybersecurity awareness and knowledge, while pointing out where to get support and what is most crucial in the fight against cybercrime.

We are happy to announce that for the fourth consecutive year, GÉANT will support Cybersecurity Month with the launch of “Become a Cyber Hero”, its security awareness campaign for the international R&E community.

What to expect?

The CSM23 awareness campaign will focus on topics such as online privacy, phishing, social engineering and ransomware. In particular, each week in October the campaign will feature short videos with tips and tricks by experts from international R&E organisations, in-depth interviews with Cyber Heroes from the community, a webinar on a specific security awareness topic, plus blogs and articles written by community members. Keep an eye on GÉANT’s CONNECT website and register for the CONNECT newsletter for updates on the CSM23 webinar programme. The campaign will also include a four-part animation series entitled “Cybercrime for Newbies”, curious?! Just wait and see.

Help us make CSM23 a success!

The success of GÉANT Cybersecurity Month relies on the close collaboration between NRENs. In 2022 27 NRENs took part in the campaign preparations! Will you join us this year?

Here is how the GÉANT community can take part: write a blog, an article, a story, a case study, share existing awareness materials or just help us promote the campaign via your local channels to your constituencies.

Contact us

Did you say that you are not familiar with Cybersecurity Month? No problem!
Here’s where you can find everything about our previous CSM campaigns, and more. Enjoy!

For further information get in touch with us at, we look forward to hearing from you!


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