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The GÉANT Cybersecurity Month 2023 campaign is here!

GÉANT CyberSecMonth 2023

Next week we will kick-off our large-scale awareness campaign “Become a Cyber Hero”! This year the programme includes brand new materials for Research & Education organisations, a series of free webinars and in-depth interviews with experts from the community.

Collaboration and information sharing are at the heart of the R&E community and we believe that together we can make a difference and improve our resilience to cybercrime.

Follow the adventures of Granny Smith and… meet our Cyber Heroes

Have you ever wondered how hackers find their victims? Do you know what tricks they use to steal data or money? Then meet Granny Smith, a retired lady who has found a new hobby: cybercrime.

In her four-part vlog “Cybercrime for newbies” she’ll teach you how easy it actually is to trick people. But no panic: our Cyber Heroes go through every tactic and give you tips on how to outsmart hackers. Because being safe online is easy once you know what to look out for!

Each week we’ll release an episode of Granny Smith’s adventures, addressing different topics:

  • Week 1: online privacy, data protection, digital footprint
  • Week 2: phishing, smishing, vishing
  • Week 3: social engineering, ransomware, back-ups
  • Week 4: reporting cyber incidents, knowledge sharing within the community

The webinar programme

For the third consecutive year, our Cyber Security Month campaign includes a series of free webinars, all hosted by us.

The varied programme will feature experts from the international R&E community. Whether you are working as a security analyst, CISO or are responsible for internal security awareness programmes, we are sure you’ll find useful and relevant content!

Discover our webinar programme and register now

Help us to promote the CSM23 campaign!

The strength of the our Cyber Security Month campaigns lies in the close collaboration with NRENs. You can support “Become a Cyber Hero” by spreading the news in your community:

  • The campaign materials consist of a logo pack, a banner, an email signature, a generic animation, and of course the ‘Cybercrime for newbies’ animations and Cyber Hero videos. You’ll also find some visuals to promote the webinar programme. All materials can be (re)used free of charge, but we kindly ask you to respect the embargo dates as we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Download the campaign resources

Other Cyber Security Month initiatives

The European Cyber Security Month is an initiative coordinated by ENISA and by the European Commission to raise cyber security awareness in Europe.

Have a look at the ECSM website where you can find an overview of all planned and ongoing activities and initiatives.


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