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AARC pilots AAI solutions for research: Cherenkov Telescope Array

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) will be the major global observatory for very high-energy gamma-ray astronomy over the next decade and beyond. CTA will be operated as an open, proposal-driven observatory, with all data available on a public archive after a predefined proprietary period. Preparing the IT infrastructure necessary to process, distribute, analyse and store the petabytes of data expected annually from the CTA is a huge challenge.

With 1350 scientists and engineers from 32 countries involved in the CTA collaboration, getting an Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure in place to serve them is not simple either. For the CTA team, working with the AARC (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration) project means that they don’t have to invent an AAI service from scratch. They can save time building a custom system based on best practices and tried and tested solutions.

Submitted by Laura Durnford

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