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New legal structure for GÉANT

We are pleased to announce that on 31 March 2018 GÉANT’s legal structure changed to reflect one legal entity, GÉANT Association based in Amsterdam, with a UK branch in Cambridge that will continue with existing operations and staff.

This step follows the progress made since the DANTE-TERENA merger in 2014 and with the aim to further reduce overheads and strengthen the value proposition for GÉANT´s stakeholders. It also reflects the UK’s referendum result in June 2016 (popularly known as BREXIT) and ensures the seamless continuity of our operations beyond any withdrawal by the UK from the European Union in 2019.

Please note our new address details:

GÉANT Association

Hoekenrode 3
1102 BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

GÉANT Association (UK branch)

City House
126-130 Hills Rd
United Kingdom

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