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Creating a playground for Finnish data centre students

The highly specialised programme on data centre education of the University of Kajaani is considered Finland’s best data centre learning environment. It has been shortlisted for Best Programme for Data Centre Training and Professional Development 2018 by the Datacloud Europe Awards 2018.

Students run their own mini data centre, but at the outset of the study programme connectivity started to become an issue. The connectivity from the data centre to the outside world was inadequate, leading one of the members of the teaching staff to compare the students to “Olympic athletes competing on a local race track”. But as Kajaani University wanted to offer its students a realistic, large-scale learning environment, it turned to Finnish research and education network CSC/Funet for help.

CSC/Funet was more than willing to assist Kajaani with high-speed connectivity, and now the data centre has a 1 Gigabit dedicated link connecting it via its own firewall to the CSC/Funet infrastructure.

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