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Erasmus Staff Mobility x Life at GÉANT

Erasmus Staff Mobility Week at GÉANT

Meet Vasos Papageorgiou, IT staff member at the Cyprus University of Technology. From 23-26 April he experienced ‘Life at GÉANT’ by meeting and joining our colleagues in our Amsterdam office (face-to-face) as well as GÉANT staff in the Cambridge office over video conferencing. We asked Vasos a few questions just before he started his 3-day learning experience…

What is your background and current job?

I work at the Information Systems Technology department at Cyprus University of Technology, where I am specialised in ERP systems. We support several departments of the university such as  financial, payroll, HR and grants management for research. Additionally I also work as a database administrator.

Does the Cyprus University of Technology work with the Cyprus NREN CYNET, and if so, how?

It is a member of CYNET, as all public and private universities in Cyprus are members of the NREN.

What brought you to the idea of experiencing Life at GÉANT?

I applied for the Eramus Staff Mobility Week at the local Erasmus office, and got approved, after which I had to find an organisation for me to visit and learn. My colleague Costas proposed the idea to contact GÉANT, as he did the same several years ago. He was very enthusiastic as he had had a very good experience.

What do you hope to learn / achieve in these 3 days?

Mostly, I look forward to sharing knowledge on technology and similar procedures. I am eager to find out more about the task forces and focus groups of GÉANT, in particular how can we participate with these groups as an IT department.

How do you plan to to share this experience with your colleagues back in Cyprus?

I plan to do presentations to share the obtained knowledge. We are already familiar with GÉANT services such as eduroam, and we plan to look at eduGAIN, CSIRT, and Microsoft Azure.

GÉANT Learning and Development (GLAD)

Vasos’s visit wouldn’t be possible without the great work of our GLAD team! Interested in having a similar experience? Or to learn more about opportunities to develop with the support of GLAD? Stay tuned for the new and improved website, coming soon!

It was possible to follow Vasos during his stay here in Amsterdam.Our blog and social media channels will show bits and pieces of his 3-day Life at GÉANT.

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