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GLAD Future Talents inspire the R&E Community with new ideas

FTP2020 Lightning Talks

The Lightning Talk Challenge is a GÉANT initiative in which bright students are trained to master their presentation skills and craft their ideas into a 5-minutes’ Lightning Talk to deliver to the wide community attending TNC every year. Organised by GLAD, the GÉANT Learning and Development team, this challenge is part of the broader Future Talent Programme.

FTP20 lightning talks go virtual

This harsh year left us all #MissingTNC, which is the stage for our future talents and the one for which they usually prepare. But their ideas deserved to go on a stage, even if virtual. As such, this time we are very proud to host them on our digital channels for which they produced the most creative video recordings!

Be inspired by novel ideas

These young professionals have a thought to share and they want to inform you and inspire you. They may seek support, funding, involvement or simply interest in their project. Watch their Lightning Talks to learn amazing facts and findings about a variety of topics, such as apps to facilitate crowdfunding in Ireland, computer discovery of novel drugs that might help us tackle current and future pandemics, contactless communication to enhance accessibility of impaired users, Forecast as a Service (FaaSt), post-quantum secure cryptography, and the advantages of Information Centric Networking (ICN).

The best of two worlds

Thanks to the support of the many participating NRENs in this programme such as FCT-FCCN, GARR, BASNET, HEAnet and CyNET – nominating these wonderful people to work with -, GÉANT continues to engage future talents in the R&E community, bringing together the best of two worlds.

Watch here the FTP20 video Lighting Talks. We encourage virtual applause and support for our Future Talents. Get in touch with GLAD if you would like to learn more about a specific project.

GLAD FTP20 Lightning Talks Playlist

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