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Delivering RDM services workshop – registration open!

A wide range of data management services are in place in institutions, including research information management systems, DMP tools, e-lab notebooks, cloud storage, and data repositories. The types of services and ways in which these can be delivered are also varied. Some institutions employ Open Source Software while others run bespoke solutions or outsource provision to commercial providers.

This collaborative workshop will address both open source software and proprietary tools, exploring the different service delivery models that exist for each. These include self-hosting, outsourcing maintenance to commercial providers, and national or consortial partnerships.

  • What considerations should be made when assessing service options and selecting delivery methods?
  • Can collective approaches across the scholarly commons community help us invest in sustainable open infrastructure?
  • What steps should be taken to ensure procurement exercises are equally accessible to all providers? 

The workshop will run adjacent to the 16th Research Data Alliance plenary in Costa Rica. In order to support international participation, all sessions will take place daily at 20:00-22:00 UTC. Attendees can sign up for individual sessions.

We invite attendees to offer lightning talks and case studies on their experiences in procurement, open source software and service partnerships. Please suggest these on the registration form or email the organisers to discuss. Please also come prepared to contribute to the breakout discussions so we can co-develop useful resources on delivering RDM services!


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