Infoshare: Quantum Technologies – Principles, Challenges and Applications – 20 Jan 2021

20 January 2021, 12:30-15:15 CET

The “first quantum revolution” focused more on understanding and predicting physical processes at nano scale. By the end of the 20th century, it had already led to tangible applications (Laser, light-emitting diode [LED], hard disk, atomic clock, …). Now during the 21st century,  the 2nd quantum revolution aims to engineer quantum systems. This ongoing work has evoked strong interest in different countries (China, Europe, Japan, USA). The work is organized mainly around four fundamental scientific pillars: communication, computing, simulation, sensing & metrology (see European Strategic Research Agenda). In quantum communication, the first application foreseen is quantum cryptography (Quantum Key Distribution – QKD). The Network Technologies and Services Evolution work package (WP6) is currently investigating the emerging QKD technology and its potential applicability to the GÉANT and NREN community.

It is crucial to disseminate this new technology among the NREN engineers to facilitate their early involvement with this new technology. Our users (universities, science laboratories, …) are already investigating these topics and the NRENs will provide their support to their work. But before QKD technology can be investigated in detail, there is a basic step that has to be studied first – the elementary principles of quantum.

The talks will introduce fundamental quantum concepts and discuss how the principles of quantum mechanics are used to deliver Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). Various application domains for quantum communication will be presented (computing, communication, security, simulation, sensing). A second focus will be a general overview of the development of quantum technology as organised in Europe with a main focus on the Quantum Flagship project and the Quantum Industry Consortium (QUIC).

This event will be followed by a second Infoshare dedicated to QKD technology in detail; there will also be a presentation of quantum initiatives all over Europe and worldwide.


Practical information:

  • The Infoshare will be recorded and made available through the GÉANT GLAD Website:
  • The link and the password to join the ZOOM room will be shared with the registered attendees before the event

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