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PRESS: An environment of abundance – Capacity Media

The origin story of today’s infrastructure lies in the high-speed, high-capacity networks used in academic and scientific research. In the April/May issue of Capacity Media’s Capacity Magazine, Alan Burkitt-Gray talks with GÉANT‘s Chief Network Operations Officer Bram Peeters and with Internet2‘s Vice President of Network Services Rob Vietzke about the origins of Research and Education Networks and about the major investments currently underway.

In particular, the interview covers the recent upgrades to the Internet2 backbone in the US, and the refresh and enlargement of the GÉANT network in Europe via the GN4-3N project, with a focus on GÉANT’s collaboration with EXA Infrastructure.

Read the full article on Capacity Media:

And in the April/May issue of Capacity Magazine (Vol22, Issue 3, p.58).


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