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GN5-IC1 intercontinental capacity project proposal passes EC evaluation

GÉANT is excited to announce the GN5-IC1 project proposal has successfully passed evaluation and is expected to move to signature shortly.

Part of the new 72-month GN5 Framework Partnership Agreement in Horizon Europe (GN5-FPA), the project aims to plan and implement the first phase of a new intercontinental connectivity investment programme to address the ongoing demand for enormous growth in international networking capacity and to optimise Europe’s international connectivity.

With GÉANT’s next-generation European network nearing completion as part of the ambitious EU-funded GN4-3N project, GN5-IC1 aims to complement that by further extending the global reach of the European network, increasing resilience, and adding substantial international capacity in alignment with our many partners to support global research and education.

Matthew Scott, GÉANT’s Chief Programmes Officer commented, “We’re delighted that this project proposal has passed evaluation. This will be the first grant contract awarded under the new GN5-FPA, clearly signalling the continued strategic collaboration between the European Commission, GÉANT, and our NREN partners. It is the culmination of many months’ work across the GÉANT community, and my thanks go to all involved in getting the proposal to this stage so we can now move to implement the planned work.”


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