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EaPEC 2022 – Research, science, scientific wisdom and the societal impact of technology

EaPEC2022 - Building Connections - Baku, Azerbaijan - 28-29 September 2022

For two days, 30 speakers from 15 countries gave a series of engaging talks on innovative projects at the 5th Eastern Partnership E‑infrastructures Conference. Irina Matthews, EaPConnect Project Manager, in her closing plenary summarised what the conference aimed to achieve:

The end of this conference is a beginning, continuation of the growth of human connections. When the power of technology is multiplied by the size of the human network – only then technology delivers impact on human lives.  None of the projects or research initiatives presented here is possible without technology and technology-based tools for research. None of these projects happen in isolation – they are all enabled by the collaboration between people and organisations.  Our strength is in harnessing the power of technology through building human networks – this is what this conference aimed to highlight and enable”.

Day 2 provided further insights into the diverse works of science and research presented in sessions on ICT innovation, Earth observation, e-Health and digital humanities, here’s a snapshot of some talks.

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