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Argus and TimeMap: Help with monitoring the performance of your networks and managing alerts

Argus Timemap

Two new services from the GÉANT Project Work Package 6 have recently been launch to support NOC operations in NRENs and institutions.

Argus – Alarm Aggregation and Correlation Tool

Argus is a tool for NOCs and service centers to aggregate incidents from all their monitoring applications into a single, unified dashboard and notification system. Most NOCs will, out of necessity, use a myriad of applications to monitor their infrastructure and services. In turn, they need to contend with manually managing notification profiles and monitoring dashboards in each individual application. Argus mitigates these scenarios by providing the NOC with a singular overview of actionable incidents, and by providing a single point of notification configuration.

The Argus team are hosting an Infoshare on 28th November to show how Argus can be used within NRENs .  You can register here.

TimeMap – Open-source Latency/Jitter Measurement Service

TimeMap is an open-source weather map-like platform which provides per-segment latency/jitter measurements on a network. TimeMap is especially important for low latency applications, as they require limited latency and jitter and is therefore extremely important for network engineers to be able to monitoring and identify any changes in these network parameters in the network.

The TimeMap service includes:

  • Providing software to gather, store and visualise latency and jitter measurements from the network devices.
  • Providing support to teams that are implementing TimeMap in their network.

TimeMap deployed on the GÉANT backbone network is available at

Find out more about these services at

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