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Open Source Software Licensing Workshop for Software Developers – 5-6 April 2023

5 April 2023, 10:30-15:30 CEST and 6 April 2023, 10:30-13:30 CEST

Building Sustainable Software Projects by Using Good Licensing Practices

Open-Source Software (OSS) is broadly used in almost all software development projects in the GÉANT project, and so good practice of using appropriate licenses is crucial to protect GÉANT applications and organisation.

The GÉANT Learning And Development (GLAD) team announces the return of the Open Source Software Licensing workshop for Software Developers, which will be held online on 5-6 April 2023.

Primarily aimed at GÉANT GN5-1 project participants, the course follows on from last year’s popular OSS training, available on the GÉANT eAcademy. As with the previous edition, the course will be led by compliance experts from ORCRO Limited Andrew Katz and Alex Murphy in cooperation with GÉANT’s Senior GDPR & IPR Legal Advisor Magdalena Rzaca.

What you will learn

This course provides a practical dive into the open-source licensing and compliance practices. By applying what you explore in this class, you will be able to:

  • Apply general open-source licensing concepts subject to a permissive, copyleft or non-open-source licence
  • Combine components under different licences into a single application.
  • Select components for your project, based on the licence applicable and other criteria.
  • Determine whether components under different licences are compatible based on a license matrix
  • Detecting incompatibilities and other issues using WhiteSource (now Mend) compliance tooling
  • Apply criteria involved in selecting an out-licence for a project using both a manual selection process (using a component spreadsheet) and compliance tooling (WhiteSource – now Mend).

Course Overview

Who should attend
This course has been designed for software developers and engineers who are contributing to open-source projects and/or developing internal projects that use open source code. It is also recommended to leaders responsible for the development tasks in the GÉANT project

Attendance of the previous course is helpful but not mandatory. This training will be an extension of some of the concepts explored during the previous training, especially focusing on determining licence compatibility in projects. If you did not attend the Open-Source Software Licensing workshop last year, you can find the recording and slides on the GÉANT eAcademy. These will give you a good introduction to this practical class.

This course is primarily open to contributors to the GÉANT project.

Register here

A recording of the training will be made available on GÉANT’s online learning platform, eAcademy.

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