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Project Management Convention kicks off new GÉANT (GN5-1) Project

All GN5-1 Task Leaders, Work Package Leaders, and Coordinators gathered in the history city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands for a 1.5-day kick-off convention to onboard new leaders and set the context for the two-year project, to brainstorm on challenges, and to further strengthen working relationships across the work areas.

GN5-1 and its sister project GN5-IC1, also present at the convention, are the first two projects under GN5-FPA, the 7-year strategic framework under Horizon Europe – the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.

The GN5-1 PMC was held at the Meeting House in Dordrecht, NL

A new era for the GÉANT Project

The 24-month GN5-1 project is the latest phase of the long-running and highly successful GÉANT Project that, in close collaboration with the European Commission, has supported Europe’s research and education communities for over 20 years.

The project’s mission is to provide scientists, researchers, and students secure access to the world’s most advanced connectivity and collaboration services, enabling effective and secure collaboration within virtual research communities around the world.

Vast research initiatives often involving hundreds of participants across multiple countries utilising advanced computing facilities, continue to rely on the infrastructure provided by GÉANT and its NREN partners, in areas as diverse as climate change, medicine, and energy research.

GÉANT’s Chief Programme Officer, Matthew Scott, comments, “Europe’s research environment is becoming increasingly diverse, with multiple disciplines and data types brought about by the new data spaces and applications. GN5-1 is fundamental to this environment and the evolution of Open Science, linking researchers in vast projects such as the LHC, eVLBI, the Square Kilometre Array, the Human Brain Project, and Destination Earth to advanced High-Performance Computing resources, so they can focus on the ground-breaking innovation that brings socio-economic benefits for all of Europe.”

The GÉANT Project: a history of success

Benefiting from the continued support and commitment of the EC, the GÉANT Project has grown during its many iterations (GN1, GN2, GN3, GN3plus, GN4-1, GN4-2, GN4-3 and GN4-3N) to incorporate not just the award-winning pan-European network, but also a catalogue of advanced, user-focused services, and a successful programme of innovation that is pushing the boundaries of networking technology to deliver real impact to over 50 million users.

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