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Call for Infoshare! Share your idea with the Community

This Call For Action is strictly reserved to members of the GÉANT Community.

Are you working on a project or solution that you would like to present to the rest of the GÉANT Community? An Infoshare is just what you are looking for then!

What are Infoshares?

Infoshares are virtual meetings of around 1.5h that allow presenters to enhance networking opportunities and bring their applications to the attention of a large audience of like-minded peers to kick-start an open discussion and share constructive feedback.

They are coordinated by the GÉANT Partner Relations team, as part of the GÉANT Community Programme (GCP). Public Infoshare sessions are usually take place on Wednesday at 13:00 or 14:00 CEST, and they are open to everyone. You can check out the past programme and future appointments by visiting the dedicated wiki pages (requiring authentication):

Past infoshares 2020-2021 | Past infoshares 2022 | New infoshares 2023

Coming up next

Following a short seasonal break, GÉANT Infoshares will return in January with three new appointments:

So, do you want to propose an Infoshare?

You can propose future topics by contacting the partner relations team at, including the the following information regarding your event:

  • Title
  • Target audience
  • Purpose of the Infoshare
  • Will your event be recorded? If yes, will the recording be public or private.
  • Would you like to include Q&As in the published video?
  • Expected outcome

More information on how to organise an Infoshare can be found here.

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